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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie… In Their Own Beds

I have long since been a proponent of pets, especially dogs, being inside of the house. Although they are animals, I found it to be inhumane to keep them outdoors for a myriad of reasons. However, I am not a fan of pets being on the furniture. That is simply a no-no.




Scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I came across a picture of my best friend Crystal and their newly adopted Rottweiler, Remi, all snuggled up in bed. I must admit, I found it rather cute but again, sleeping dogs can lie in their own beds. Human beds are for humans. The picture made me question all the reasons one should or should not allow their dog to sleep with them.




Here is what I came up with:

  1. Poop. They play with it. Eat it. Step in it. You name it. And now, it’s on your sheets.
  2. Parasites. You remember the commercial… my dog has fleas, has fleas, has fleas… but they also have other critters like hookworms, round worms, mites and ticks. Pretty gross, huh?
  3. Doggie sleep issues. Dogs will never be accused of sleeping like babies. A lot of them have a tendency to toss, turn or “talk” in their sleep causing an interruption to your sleep cycle.
  4. Aggression, If your dog has an issue with dominance, your bed will just become a part of their territory. They will protect you and their space at all cost… even if they perceive your mate to be the intruder.
  5. Like the saying, mi casa es su casa, your bed is now their bed. Once you start the habit, it is going to be darn near impossible to get them to go back to a crate, doggy bed or the floor. After all, I bet you wouldn’t want to give up a nice soft mattress and pillow comfort for a mat in the corner.


Because I like to be fair, here are some great reasons to allow your fur baby in bed with you.

  1. Dogs are warm. Their body temp is three to six degrees higher than our own. So instead of the extra comforter on a cold winter’s night, Fido may be all that you need.
  2. They make us feel safe. Large breeds because of their size and small breeds for the ‘yap factor’.
  3. We want our dogs to be happy and being in your company ranks high on that list.
  4. It is scientifically proven that the rhythmic sound of your dog’s snoring, breathing, and heartbeat can lower your heart rate. The Hearts Aligned study by Pedigree Australia shows that not only do both human and canine heart rates get lower when we’re together, but our heart rhythms synchronize; causing both to feel more relaxed.


Whichever way you lean, pro or against bed sharing with your dog, I believe consistency is the key. 

Sleep well, my friends. 


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One comment on “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie… In Their Own Beds

LL Hall

Love your thoughts on “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”. I love my pets, but not a fan of them on my bed. I say amen to your thoughts ” Saint’s Cakery” amen.


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